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Stylistic Editing

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What does Stylistic Editing include?

Stylistic Editing is the clarification of meaning, eliminating or rephrasing jargon, polishing language, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing. It includes advice from common style guides, including the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Style Guide and others. Grammar and simple proofreading are covered under copy editing.

Stylistic editing may include re-writing of paragraphs or re-organiziation of a paper. It includes advice on tactics for a particular audience as well as maintenance of a particular reading level.

Stylistic editing includes adherence to external style guides such as the Chicago Manual of Style, APA Style Guide, MLA Style Manual, etc. as well as suggestions for overall improvements.

Stylistic editing does not include the actual writing of material, and all edits will be based upon the paper without external references (except for style guides) or fact checking. Stylistic editing is advice only, and it is not intended for the editor to act as author.

Stylistic Editing does not include the following unless specified in advance:

Please note that any requests should specify whether changes are to be suggested or drafted; if the latter, specify whether changes are to be made to hard copy or to the electronic manuscript.

Standard rate for stylistic editing is $75.00 per hour

Edited documents can be returned as marked-up hard copy (using standard proofer’s marks, Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files using “review and comment”, or as Microsoft Word documents using “track changes”. Special formats such as HTML available upon request.

ePortfolio, references and samples are available, and rates are affordable per hour, per page or per project. Long-term and ongoing projects welcome.

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